Open letter to the voters of N.12 Kota Sentosa

Dear Kota Sentosa voters,

Next week on Wednesday 6 Apr 2011, you will know the candidates who will throw their hats into the ring to fight and win the honour to represent you, the people of Kota Sentosa in DUN.

Only one candidate, Alfred Yap Chin has already declared his intention and desire to stand in N.10 But the incumbent Chong Chieng Jen, your YB, has been very quiet. You should be asking Chong: Is it fair, Chieng Jen? Why is DAP so quiet and secretive? Who will be DAP candidate for N.10?

If Chong wishes Kota Sentosa folks to support DAP this time round, why keep so quiet? What has he done for Kota Sentosa during the past 5 years?

Imagine if in the US Presidential election, the Republican and Democratic parties only nominate and announce to US voters the candidates only 10 days before Election Day?

DAP always say that as opposition, they can only help the people by barking at the ruling party.

Hey, Kota Sentosa voters, you don’t need to vote for Chong to get into DUN to bark. He can also bark outside DUN.

Kota Sentosa voters, do you know your YB’s salary? Chong will also enjoy YB pension until he dies. Do you ask Chong what he has done for you other than screaming at the CM and making his blood boil in DUN? How has that personally helped you in Kota Sentosa?

Speaking of DUN, if you are cynical, do you wonder why Chong got himself suspended in DUN? Is it really the fault of Speaker Asfia and the BN YBs, or do you suspect that Chong purposely got himself suspended so that he can ‘ponteng’ DUN sessions and while getting undeserved sympathy.

He is also MP Bandar Kuching, so is he going to get himself suspended in Dewan Rakyat too? Chong’s double salaries, how much do they add up per month? How much has he personally donated to help the Kota Sentosa community even as a small gesture? Has he given to the Chinese school board? Don’t tell me it is only SUPP’s job to fund the independent Chinese school?

OK lah tomorrow 02 April can we expect Guan Eng to announce that Chong Chieng Jen will defend Kota Sentosa? But that will be too late. Or will Chong pull a surprise and find a ‘safer’ seat in Padungan?

Who do the DAP think you voters in Kota Sentosa are? Can they put anyone in N.10? DAP expects you to vote for even a monkey just because of the rocket symbol?

Yours truly,

Not a Kota Sentosa voter

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So you want to know about Sarawak Politics


Today is a good day as any to start a blog about Sarawak politics … seeing that it is 01 April 2011!

Nomination Day is 5 days away on 06 April 2011.

Tomorrow the Barisan Nasional may announce their list of candidates.

Studying the list will reveal whether Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud has had his way with the Prime Minister.

Taib has already served over 30 years as Chief Minister.

He has already  indicated he may give way to a successor two years into the new term. Therefore Taib will want to put in as many candidates as possible whom he can totally trusted.

From the number of relatives, nephews, cousins and trusted supporters of Taib and Tun Rahman Yakub included in the list, we will know whether Taib has the upper hand.

During discussion with PM Najib over the BN candidates list, Najib will want to see a balance. The PM will want to nominate best candidates to ensure BN wins the most number of seats.

It will be very enlightening to analyze the list after it has been announced.

The first lesson in Sarawak politics is that Taib must seek to preserve the Melanau stranglehold on political power. All other considerations are secondary.

Do not forget this when trying to decipher, explain and understand Taib’s maneuvers over the next few days. The mantra is “Preserve the Melanau Dynasty

Stay tuned.

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